REDCarrier webpost for easy sending

REDCarrier webpost: Use our REDCarrier webpost for reducing the costs of your outgoing business mails and make that process more safely and quicker.

Compatible formats:
  • MS- & Open-Office (.docx, .xlsx, .odt), etc. with included printer driver
  • Adobe (.pdf)
  • MS Windows 7 or higher
  • On request for Linux, Mac, etc.
Download REDCarrier webpost, version 1.3.16

For Windows machine with Java environment version 8 or newer:
64 bit
32 bit

For Windows machine without Java environment version 8 or newer (use this if you're not sure):
64 bit, Java included
32 bit, Java included

Older versions

webpost client 64 bit
webpost client 32 bit

regify client for simple reading

regify client: The regify client (software partner) opens easily and conveniently received emails that were encrypted with webpostRED. Just double click on the encrypted file. Additionally you can send encrypted e-mails incl. attachment via the client. If you use one of the following email clients, an add-in is also provided for you.
Outlook: The setup can be installed on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows. regify offers a local regify client, embracing the Add-In for Outlook. The Add-In is included in the regify client.

Thunderbird: Regify offers a local regify client, embracing the Add-In for Mozilla Thunderbird (32 Bit and 64 Bit). The Add-In is included in the regify client.
IBM Lotus Notes: You can use regify in combination with IBM Lotus Notes on Windows (32 Bit and 64 Bit). You can find the most recent versions here.

English Template for Lotus Notes 9.0 (in preparation). If you are interested in adapted Lotus Notes templates, please contact us.
Opera, TheBAT and other mailclients (Windows): Currently, there are no specific Add-Ins available for these programs. However, you can download and install the regify client anyhow. Double-clicking on regify messages opens them directly (just like your Acrobat Reader). The regify client offers to write and send regify messages via SMTP directly. You can configure the regify client with your SMTP mail account (such as Outlook). Upon this you can write messages, attach files and send directly.

download regify client

Mac OS client for reading

Mac OS: There is a local client available for Mac OS. It is an installer file with the extension PKG. You can install the regify client by running this file directly.

download Mac OS client

Apps for mobile devies

Android App: The regify App (RED software partner) for Android is available for Android devices beginning with Android Version 2.2. This app allows you to open and create RED messages directly on your mobile device. To get the App, visit the Google Play Market. If you have problems, please contact us.
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch App: The regify client app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is available in the app store for free.